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Responsibility of Religions for Peace

Meeting at the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin, Germany

The majority of the world’s population are members of a religious faith. Their representatives frequently enjoy great trust and support in their respective societies and therefore shoulder a special responsibility for the cause of peace.

Unfortunately, religion is also perceived as a cause of violence. Yet all major religions aspire to be peaceable, and there are impressive examples of religiously inspired peace- making. We believe that it is most important to highlight this point.

It is with this in mind that Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Germany’s Federal Foreign Office have addressed the following questions for some time now:
  • How can the peacemaking potential of religions be deployed to greater effect?
  • How can the abuse of religions in conflicts be prevented?
This work is closely in line with the research that has been undertaken at the Center for Public Theology. For that reason, Prof. Lakkis was invited to attend this meeting in Berlin and contribute to the practical work of religions seeking peace.

Meeting: “Responsibility of Religions for Peace”
Dates: 18–20 June 2018
Location: Federal Foreign Office, Berlin
Organizers/Hosts: Heiko Maas (Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Member of the German Bundestag), and Timo Soini (Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland)

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