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International Conference: 500 Years of Reformation. Faith, Reform & the Challenges of Ideology

500 Years of Reformation. Faith, Reform & the Challenges of Ideology
23 September 2017, Chinan Presbyterian Church Taipei
年改革:信仰,改革與意識形態的挑戰 ( 活動中英雙語, 逐步口譯 )
2017-09-23, 濟南長老教會
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Why did some Christians support the Nazi regime?
Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther and other European Reformers were convinced that the church had taken a harmful turn away from the gospel of Christ. They demanded a change in the church’s life and teachings. This was the beginning of the great Protestant Reformation. But over the past 500 years, the church has repeatedly faced the same temptations of being pulled away from the path of Christ, especially through the power of harmful ideologies. One example of this danger appeared during the Nazi period in Germany, when some Christians supported the Nazi regime. But sadly this is not a rare example. So why is it that some Christian groups support harmful ideologies? And in the face of such ideologies, how can we as a church work together for reform?

五百年前,馬丁路德和其他歐洲改革派相信教會已悖離基督福音而轉向錯誤。他們要求改變教會的生活與教義。這是偉大新教改革的起頭。但過去五百年,尤其透過有害意識形態的力量,教會一再面臨脫離基督之道的誘惑。德國納粹時期,出現過這樣危險案例有基督徒支持納粹政權。 可悲的是這並非罕見的例子。為何一些基督教團體支持有害的意識形態呢? 面對這樣的意識形態,教會該如何共同努力改革?

Rev. Dr. Heike Springhart (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Clifford Anderson (Vanderbilt University, USA)
His Excellency Mr Martin Eberts (Representative of Germany in Taiwan)
Prof. Dr. Stephen Lakkis (SLPC-EM; Center for Public Theology, Taiwan)
Prof. Dr. Hua Yih-Fen (花亦芬) (National Taiwan University)
Dr. Yao Li-Ming (姚立明) (Former member R.O.C. Legislative Assembly)
Opening comments by: His Excellency Mr Asher Yarden (Representative of Israel in Taiwan)

Program 活動流程如下:
9:00–9:30 Arrival and Registration
9:30–10:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks, Prof. Dr. Stephen Lakkis

Part 1: Faith under Nazism [Historical]
10:00–11:30 Lecture 1: “The Protestant Church in Germany in Dark Times. The Struggle Between 1933 and 1945.” PD Rev. Dr. Heike Springhart

11:30–12:30 Lecture 2: “Between Adaptation and Resistance. The Catholic Church in Germany from the Kaiserreich to the Federal Republic.” His Excellency Mr. Martin Eberts

12:30–13:00 LUNCH (Lunch provided for all registered attendees)

Part 2: Doing Theology in Times of Crisis and Change [Methodology]
13:00–14:30 Lecture 3: “On Thinking Theologically in Emergencies.” Prof. Dr. Clifford Anderson

14:45–16:15 Lecture 4: “The Use and Abuse of Scripture in Social Conflicts.” Prof. Dr. Stephen Lakkis

Part 3: Panel Discussion
16:15–17:00 Panel Discussion with Q&A, welcoming additional speakers:
1. Dr. Yao Li-Ming (姚立明)
2. Prof. Hua Yih-Fen (花亦芬)

17:00 Close

Event Date: 2017-09-23 (Sat), 09:00~17:00
Chinan Presbyterian Church 濟南長老教會
100台北市中正區中山南路3 (捷運台大醫院3號出口)

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