Center for Public Theology Transforming Hope into Reality


Seeking Judicial Reform in Taiwan

Discussion and press conference at Taiwan’s Legislative Assembly on the need for increased oversight and judicial reform in Taiwan. Details here.


How Can Christians Work For Peace?

In his farewell lecture, CPT Director Prof. Lakkis will examine the reasons why seeking peace is essential work for Christians. He will also look at ways that church organizations and everyday Christians can be involved. Details here.


Course: Modern Theology

How did theology change as it responded to the many wars and social and economic crises of the 20th Century? This 16-week course will examine the enormous and irreversible impact of the previous century on the development of modern theology.

臺 灣 公 共 神 學 研 究 中 心
Welcome to the Center for Public Theology Taiwan

The Center for Public Theology Taiwan was established to promote research and activities on the role and responsibilities of Christian faith in the public sphere. Public theology is a unique discipline with the ability to unite aspects of academic research with practical, social development. In particular, the center concentrates on examining and investigating those challenges that people face in modern Taiwanese society.

The center aims to promote research and education in public theology. But we believe that this research should always inform and support concrete actions for social change. For that reason the center also expects that insights arising from its research and academic collaborations will have a practical application in the discussions surrounding social challenges in Taiwan and the broader Asian region.

On the one hand, the CPT has a special link to the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan. The center is generously hosted by the Tainan Theological College and Seminary, one of Asia’s oldest theological academies and an international hub for theological studies in Asia. This connection to the Presbyterian Church gives the CPT a unique historical perspective which predates Taiwan’s national political system, encompasses the breadth of the island’s various indigenous, social and cultural communities, and is rooted in the shared experiences and struggles of Taiwan’s people. On the other hand, the work of the CPT does not represent the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, nor is it limited by Presbyterian doctrines and traditions. The CPT builds ecumenical and interfaith networks to collaborate with other people of faith in Taiwan.

The CPT remains dedicated to pursuing an open dialogue with all of Taiwan’s faith communities, as well as searching out constructive cooperation with other inter-faith organizations as well as secular research institutions. The center also focuses on nurturing collaborative research with global academic institutions.

International and Globally Connected

The Global Network of Research Centers for Theology, Religious and Christian Studies
The Center for Public Theology and its director Prof. Stephen Lakkis are honoured to be members of the Global Network of Research Centers for Theology, Religious and Christian Studies. The Global Network consists of 45 research universities and institutions on 6 continents. The Global Network aims to foster intellectual exchange by enabling doctoral students and post-docs to pursue their research at participating institutions for one or two terms – and by conducting multi-lateral colloquia on pressing theological questions.

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Enhancing Life
In 2015, CPT Director Prof. Stephen Lakkis was selected to be founding member of an elite global team of researchers to form the Enhancing Life Project. In addition to pursuing research aimed at improving the lives of people around the world, the team members work together to launch a new academic discipline: “Enhancing Life Studies.” Enhancing Life Studies crosses disciplinary boundaries to bring together scholars in diverse fields to teach a new generation of students how to work towards the fulfilment and enhancement of life. Details on the Center’s involvement and work can be found here.